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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I'll cut right to the chase. This is NOT another internet marketing THING to collect dust on your hard drive.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?: 

  • You watch a webinar, it ends, and you're left wondering "what to do next". So you bottle up that knowledge and move onto the next webinar.  
  • You attend a too-expensive-but-it-has-to-work bootcamp that comes with a few tools and recommendations that you never use.
  • You hire an amazing coach that keeps you empowered. But after a while you realize that you aren't actually DOING anything and you need to hire somebody to DO your marketing. But oh wait, you can't afford that so it's still DIY time. 
  • You hire a VA to help you with your business, but you spend so much time teaching her what to do and correcting her work that you wind up doing it yourself. Wasting time AND money.
  • You try to piece meal all the freebies you sign up for and somehow get them to work - but they don't work and you're not sure what you're doing wrong. How's this thing supposed to flow again??

If any of this feels familiar, keep reading because you're about to discover some of the easiest and simplest marketing content you can use to step your marketing game up! 

We All Start Out with the Greatest of Intentions...

You've probably been there. You have bought quite a few different marketing products, joined programs, and IF you bother to open any of this stuff, you don't know what to do with it and you don't have any one to ask.

No judgement - I've been there.  

You may have signed up for someone's free offer on their website, or perhaps you attended a free webinar. What you learn sounds really good - I mean the branding is sexy and the speaker's content sounds fabulous and oh-so simple. 

You stay on the freemium plan or you whip out your credit card and spring for the paid program with the 75% off discount for a limited time.

You can feel it, you just know THIS is going to be THE THING that works, that takes you to the mountain top. You review everything and try to apply what you learn, because the coach/consultant/marketer made it sound soooo damn easy during the webinar right? 

But it just really doesn't work that way, does it? 

You try, but you can't seem to grasp exxactly what to do. So you stumble and fumble. You get frustrated, and you re-read the instructions and you stumble again. So you give up and move on... because you have no one to ask. After all, it's a do-it-yourself product in a box. Ain't nobody got time for this! Sadly, it goes to your hard drive, aka digital graveyard, along with all of the other products you have downloaded and never really used...

My digital graveyard overflows, how about yours???

Look, I know you're busy. I know you're tired of spending money and wasting time on marketing hoo-haa that you never open OR you can't figure out. This, my friend, is what makes the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box different. 

I have already done the figure-it-out part for you. You just need to make it your own, and get to copying and pasting into your website, email system, funnels, etc. 

Who am I and why am I qualified to deliver the goods?

I am Miss Kemya, Marketing Strategist over at  and I'm doing the hard work for you and handing it to you on a silver platter... 

Hey there! I've been in the marketing game for over 20 years. I know what you're thinking, I look too young to say that, I know! Ha!

If you don't know me, I live at and I'm tweeting at @MissKemya - c'mon ovah and say hello!

I am degreed and certified. I have worked with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries around the globe. My passion is working with small businesses (and solopreneurs) to create and implement killer marketing strategies like the big brands do. Mainly because I prefer to work exclusively with decision makers. I am not a fan of playing the middle fiddle, which means I surround myself with bosses. 

I'm a 3x Kindle best-selling author, I've been published around the web for years, and I have some pretty cool connections. Ok, enough about me...

Here's why I created Create Launch Profit:

I created this eSubscription Box because I want to provide tools and templates that you as an entrepreneur (without a marketing department) can use to:

CREATE the products and services your audience wants

LAUNCH these products and services using real, orchestrated marketing tactics, and

PROFIT from your hard work to successfully convert fans to customers and grow your business.

Get it? Create. Launch. Profit.

After you get hyped up after the latest empowering mindset coaching session, after you get blinded by the latest shiny object, when you are ready to take action, I can tell you WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

I want you to be as PROUD to share your business as you are to share Gary Vee's or Beyonce's latest Instagram pic!

What You Can Expect with the

Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box

The problem is that most, if not all, of the marketing products that are pitched to small businesses are created BY marketers FOR marketers. This means that they were not designed for you to easily pick up and implement without specific guided instruction.

No no no... not in my house!

The Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box is the solution. Each month, you will receive a complete set of marketing templates that you can open, customize with your business information, and use in your daily marketing efforts. I'm not talking about a few pages of intro baby steps either. I'm talking full systems with SETS of templates. The how-to guides are worth the subscription alone!

Say HELLOOOOO to structured and organized marketing systems that work!

Each monthly eSubscription Box includes:

  • A Read_Me_First guide that explains the topic in detail, along with a checklist of the content in the bundle. This way, you can dive right in and select the documents that you want to use right now and get to work. 
  • Fill-in-the-blank marketing templates in MS Word for you to customize, then copy and paste as you see fit. Each template is an individual document... no super long documents you have to break up, sort and rename.
  • Specific step-by-step instruction on what you're supposed to fill in for each template, to make the template applicable for your business and your audience.  
  • Subfolders that keep all of the documents neatly organized (so you can easily file and not have to overthink it).
  • Clearly named files so you know exactly what's in each monthly bundle. (It's the little things like this that are real productivity hacks. I hate wasting time having to unravel long documents and rename everything to someting taht makes sense and is easily searchable!)
  • Checklists to keep you on track with it all, no PDFs, and everything is fully customizable.

The cool thing is that there is a specific theme for each month. You will receive one complete package each month, so you can focus on learning and implementing a specific marketing initiative every month.


As you complete the templates you will, by default, get crystal clear on who you serve and how your customers benefit. You will have exercises to DO that you can USE to help you create, launch and profit in your business!

How to Leverage Create Launch Profit to Make Your Business Succeed

There are limitless ways you can incorporate the tools and templates included in each monthly package. Let's look at a handful of the ways you can use your subscription to help you CREATE and LAUNCH the products and services you want, to get your most PROFITABLE results. 

Strategy #1: Use the templates and implement them yourself if you're a single person powerhouse

If you're a solopreneur making IT happen all by your lonesome, you will save a ton of hours from creating these systems from scratch.  Seriously, plan on reclaiming your time!

 Strategy #2: Complete the templates and hand them off to your Assistant

If you have a VA (or you're ready to hire one), you will have something already structured and organized to hand off, so you don't waste hours paying the VA to research how to create this stuff! You can complete the templates with your customized business info, and tell your VA what to do with the info.

For example, you can complete the customer service templates, then have your VA create a FAQ page on your website based on the templates. Another example: if you want to publish a product comparison blog post, give your VA the product-comparison blog template and tell her the types of products you want to compare. She will have a template, a framework to start from.

 Strategy #3: Send the templates to your Assistant to take first crack at them

Depending on the type of Assistant you have, you can send the template to her directly. She can take a first pass at customizing the template and send it back to you for review and editing.

Strategy #4: Piece de resistance... if you need SYSTEMS 

This my friend, is systemization done-for-you! You can use these templates to create canned responses for email inquiries, standard templates for blog posts, webinar scripts, and the like... You don't have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Simply customize and automate. 

So many options and plenty of time to implement them all, but one thing that isn't limitless is the special Create Launch Profit Legacy Member offer that we have going on right now. But first, we've got some extra goodies to make joining even better...

Join Today and Receive These Extra Template Bundles

Not only do you receive instant access to this month's eSubscription Box, for a limited time, you can also grab these special Template Bundles to start you off!

Bonus #1:
Goal Setting

Goals are the foundation of a business plan. Without goals, you don’t have a direction to take. Any steps that you take in your business are arbitrary and often end up being a waste of your energy, time, and money.

Operating a business without goals is often compared to heading out on a trip without a map or directions. Don't get lost on purpose! Use this bundle to set your business up for intentional success!

  • Goal Focus and Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Audience Building (plus ideas) 
  • Income Building Tracker (plus ideas) 
  • Bookkeeping Spreadsheets
  • Product Promotion Ideas and Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planners

Bonus #2:
Facebook Ads

Get better results from your Facebook marketing ads with this set of templates!  

  • Targeting Your Facebook Ads Checklist and Worksheet
  • Seasonal Completed Ad Banner Graphics
  • Editable PSD Templates
  • Ad Guide and Examples 

Bonus #3:
Fill In Your Blog

We all know content makes the web go ‘round and a blog is a great platform for delivering content and growing traffic. But setting up a blog is only part of the battle. You still have to fill it with useful content on an ongoing basis.

That’s what this month’s template package is all about…getting your blog filled with quality content.

  • Content Creation Templates (plus ideas)
  • Blog Post Planning 
  • Hiring Blog Writers 

Right now, for a short time only, you can grab all those extras and instantly download them for our introductory legacy member price. Here's how you can get started...

Wait a minute... you made it this far and you haven't subscribed yet? For only $39 each month? What in the world are you waiting for??? 

Get Ready for Instant Access to Your Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates and Insider Strategies!

Yes, I'm ready to sign up for the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box today and get the marketing templates I've been missing! I understand my membership includes:

Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box 

  • Monthly package delivered on the 1st of the month
  • Bonus 1: Goal Setting Bundle
  • Bonus 2: Facebook Ads Bundle
  • Bundle 3: Fill In Your Blog Bundle

I am subscribing at the introductory price of $39 per month, which is less than what I would have to pay a VA to create JUST ONE of these templates for me! I can't wait to dive in!

Try Create Launch Profit Absolutely
Risk-Free for 7 Days

Sign up now and try us for a full 7 days to see how Create Launch Profit works for you. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know within 7 days and we'll refund your money. 

There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel your membership anytime, but if you love it (and we’re sure you will), stay on to guarantee your lowest membership rate possible. What you pay today is what you'll always pay for as long as you stay a member. 

I know you are ready! Ready to create your marketing systems, and get these templates customized and uploaded to your website, email systems, etc.

Best of all, you are getting proven marketing templates for less that it would cost you to hire someone to create these for you. Awesomeness all around! 

Your marketing systems are about to get a serious makeover, are you ready to make this money?

See you on the inside,

Miss Kemya

P.S. Don't forget this offer only $39 per month. 

P.P.S. Did I mention I will be popping into your inbox with additional how-to's to go along with the monthly templates? Silly me, I kinda neglected all the extras that come with membership!

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